We love children at Providence! They are a “heritage of the Lord” (Psalm 127:3) and we value them as wonderful blessings. We do not see our kids as the church of tomorrow, but the church of today. Therefore, we intentionally look for ways to incorporate them into the body life of the church, rather than separate them from the body.

Another distinction we make is that kids are not a strategy to reach parents. Instead, we want to equip parents to reach their kids with the gospel. We understand that parents have the chief responsibility to teach and lead their children to follow Christ. We want the church to be a positive environment for parents to fulfill their calling.

Providence Church will have carefully screened teachers for children and provide the very best age-appropriate study materials for them so that we can help teach them the ways of Christ from their earliest ages.

At our Sunday morning worship services, we will provide a nursery/children’s room for children under the age of 5 during our times of worship. Small children in our worship services do not bother us. On the contrary, we encourage parents to start teaching their children from an early age the importance of worship. We recognize that this practice may be new for some families. We have many parents who have learned how to teach their children to participate in “big church” and are now reaping the joys of such practice. They are always glad to assist other parents who may be less experienced.

Age Groups
Birth to 4-years-old: Children in this age bracket are welcome in the worship center during our Sunday morning worship services. There will also be a nursery/children’s room provided with trained volunteers.

All children five and up are invited in the worship center during worship.

Additional mid-week and/or weekend children’s programs will be considered in the near future.