Shawn Bergen, Lead Pastor
Roles include: Teaching, Admin, and Missions

Shawn is a real baseball nut and is not known for his music and singing talents. He’s been married to wife Mary since ’98 and has 3 children. He earned his doctorate degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in NC.

Shawn Bergen

Jared Longshore

Jared Longshore, Associate Pastor
Roles include: Teaching, Discipleship, and Worship

Jared is a gifted musician and  singer, and loves reading the Puritans. He’s been married to wife Heather since ’07 and has 4 children. He’s a graduate of FGCU and is a PhD student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in KY.


Charlie Mitchell, Assistant Pastor
Roles include: Outreach, Teaching, and Evangelism

No, Charlie has never played football, as he’s often asked, but he was a bouncer once! He’s a gifted speaker and very active in the community. He and wife Erin married in ’04, and have two sons. Charlie is a student at Edison.


Frank Sirianni, Pastor
Roles include: Discipleship and Teaching

Frank is a huge Steelers fan and a loyal alum of the Green Wave. He married wife Crissy in ’98, and teaches at Oak Hammock Middle in Fort Myers. He earned his masters from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in NC.