Core Convictions: Driving The Vision

The Gospel is central to the church and the Christian. Because the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, we never advance beyond the Gospel.

The Bible is sufficient for all matters of life. This means the church and every Christian is to be governed by God’s Word.

The Church is an authentic community of believers living life together in the gospel. This includes covenanting together with other Christians, and doing life together in accountability through smaller life circles. We call these Life Groups.

The Kingdom is being advanced by God and must be the priority of the church. This requires the church and Christians to partner with other God-centered and gospel-driven churches in order to plant the gospel and new churches around the world.

The Family is designed by God and must be built up and equipped by the church. While we are a church for all people, marriage and parenting are vital relationships planned by God. The church must structure and plan with the family in mind.

The Mission of God has been given to all Christians, that is, to seek and to save the lost. Our God is a missionary God, sending people from the very beginning with the message of redemption through Jesus Christ. The Church is God’s missionary to the world. Jesus said, “As the Father has sent me, I also send you” (Jn 20:21). Christians are called to live “sent lives” as missionaries to our culture.

The Culture is our responsibility and is in desperate need of the Gospel. In a time when the church has sought to create a subculture apart from the world, the church needs more than ever to penetrate and engage the culture we live with the gospel. The church is not a bubble, but a tool in the Redeemer’s Hand. Without being of the world, we must serve in the world with the gospel.

Philosophy of Ministry Dynamics:

Gospel – The Gospel is where God’s Power to change people rests. It is fully revealed in the Bible and includes understanding the holiness of God, the depravity of man or sin, the work and supremacy of Christ, and faith and repentance.

Church – The Church is who God has entrusted His gospel and mission. The church is an authentic, gospel-centered, biblically-ordered community of saved people sent out with God’s power, the gospel. The essence of the church is counter to the world, yet intended to penetrate the world.

Culture – The culture is the collection of behaviors, values, beliefs, worldviews, tastes, languages, and expressions of the people around us. Not all of the culture should be regarded as sinful. However, the culture consists of the people God has sent His church with His Gospel to save.

Gospel through the Church to the Culture = Transformation