Our team returned safe and sound last Saturday (July 6, 2013) after an incredible trip to Peja, Kosovo to work in the mountains for a week. If you have the chance to speak with any from the team you will hear many testimonies of how God used the team. We worked alongside missionaries already doing a good work their, including our partners Keith and Pam. We also had the privilege to serve with several college interns who have spent the summer in Peja, not to mention a few guys from Iowa who give weeks each summer to serve in Peja. Part of the blessing in going overseas for Christ is meeting extraordinary people living on mission for God.

While in Peja, the team had several opportunities to share the gospel. Ninety-nine percent of the people of Kosovo are Muslim, and yet Kosovo is a pro-America country. So when we visit this great nation, they welcome us as friends. These are some of the friendliest people on the planet! And most listen respectfully to the message of the gospel, though few leave their Muslim routes to follow Jesus. Nevertheless, because of our great love for them, and our passion for Jesus, we will not stop going as Jesus did and delivering to them the good news. Likewise, we will not stop praying that God will save them from their sins.

We look forward to our next trip to Peja, and hope to see our new friends there very soon. If you are interested in joining the next trip to Kosovo, please attend the information meeting that is being planned for some time in August or September ’13. Details will be announced soon. If you are interested in watching a slightly longer version of the video above, one that was played for the team at our trip celebration Friday night, you can watch it here.