This Sunday we will begin a new series through the book of Ecclesiastes. This book helps us to see that amidst the frustrations and futility of life “under the sun”, we find hope and meaning in a relationship with God through faith. It does that by showing us just how meaningless life is apart from Him.

We were created to live in relationship with God. We were created to reflect His image.

All of that changed for us in Genesis 3. Not that we are no longer created in the image of God or called to reflect His image but that we no longer exist in this relationship naturally. Sin disrupted this relationship and marred this image. It’s consequence: death to all. This sentence is not only carried down from generation to generation but can be seen in all of creation.

The effects of sin are such that our very nature has been altered and not ours only but all of nature itself. Sin and its far-reaching effects find no end in the line of human existence nor in the life cycle of the natural world. That is, except for Christ…

Christ came and subjected himself to life in a fallen world, suffering all of the same frustrations and futility of every one of us this side of Eden have lived in since Genesis 3. He did this, yet without sin. His obedience to the Father was perfect. His submission, unto death; even death on a cross. Those who call on His name in faith and repentance now find forgiveness in Him. The debt of our sin is fully paid. Indeed, Jesus paid it all…

But is not only His death for sin but in His resurrection unto life that we find hope. In fact, Paul says that if Christ did not rise from the dead and the resurrection were not, we would be the most pitiable and pitiful people on earth. Yet, He did and it was. And so, those who trust in Him have hope and meaning amidst the hopeless and meaningless frustrations of life.

Life without God is meaningless.

Praise be to God, who gives us hope and meaning in life through our Lord Jesus Christ.